College Positioning Roadmap

10th & 11th Graders


By the time you’re in 11th grade, your resume is well underway; you’ve made decisions about extracurricular activities, you’ve been intentional about your class selection, and you’ve begun to consider college majors and careers.  But still to do is affirming your interests once and for all, pinning down your major(s) and minor(s), taking a magnifying glass to related careers and the pathways to be a strong candidate for them, and making a well-balanced and reliable college list to fall back on.  Lyceum’s College+Career Pathways program (C+C) guides students to go beyond the insular world of what they’ve heard and find out for themselves what the day-to-day experiences of their prospective majors and respective career interests are really like.  Part personal development and part due diligence, students leave this program having minimized a mid-college crisis and maximized their preparedness for college applications.


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