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Expert online one-on-one tutoring for students who want to maximize their success in and out of the classroom.  Our tutor-coaches and consultants provide targeted intervention and enrichment as needed through our results driven programs. Our team is comprised of seasoned, competent, and accountable adults who care tremendously about young people.  Lyceum’s intimate relationship-based approach develops students’ character and intellect and positions families to take advantage of all that the American education system has to offer so that they can exceed their expectations and thrive.


    Maximum Individualization

    Lyceum online tutors aren’t only experts in their fields, they’re experts in delivering one-on-one instruction to students in the way they need to receive it. We tutor all core classes and consequential standardized tests, achieving more by focusing on each student’s strengths, learning style, character, and motivation.

    Parental Empowerment

    Our guidance reaches parents too, empowering them to maximally establish authentic and meaningful goals, participate in their school community, interpret school events and teacher feedback, demystify the secondary school and college application processes, drive greater transparency of their children’s school experiences, take advantage of local and national extracurricular options, and position their children to achieve happiness and fulfillment.

    Complete Admissions Package

    Lyceum is a team of consultants who offer insider wisdom specific to all aspects of the admissions process. We have perfected the process of ensuring that students’ application materials present the best and most authentic versions of who they are and how much value they’ll add to their next school.

    Tangible Results Without Leaving Home

    Families have busy schedules. Feel good about your time by driving less and accomplishing more with our completely online tutoring services. Regardless of where they live or what time zone they’re in, our students graduate Lyceum confident in their abilities and proud of their grades and scores. Our methods yield the results you want. All this, and you don’t even need to leave home.

    Not Just Tutoring

    If students’ struggles were the result of knowledge deficiencies alone, then they wouldn’t need great tutors. But they aren’t: more than knowledge deficiencies, academic issues originate from a variety of long-term roadblocks, ranging from social to psychological. Our Homeschooling and Executive Functioning programs are examples of services designed to meet student needs that lie beyond traditional ones. No matter what services are best for your family, rest assured that we will always take a holistic approach and manage all the moving parts.

    More Than Numbers

    The Lyceum Institute fosters a culture of confident learners that will last a lifetime. Our test prep students earn Ivy League scores, our admissions students attend one of their top 3 schools, and our tutoring students see grade improvements in 90 days–but that’s not the bigger picture.  By engaging students with the process of learning, we teach them concepts, strategies, and skills that aren’t learned in school but are essential to lifelong learning and success.

    We Specialize in Working with

    • Families preparing to apply to American colleges or private and independent high schools
    • Chinese- and Indian-American parents who need outside support to best guide their children’s education in American schools
    • Students attending American or British schools throughout the Middle East or Africa who are applying to American schools or universities
    • Students with high stakes test prep goals
    • Families whose children require one-on-one intervention to overcome subject-specific struggles
    • Medical school applicants who need support for AMCAS and/or program-specific application essays and personal statements
    • Straight-A students who want to push themselves further
    • Students who identify as math, science, and/or STEM kids and want to increase their confidence in reading, writing, thinking, and humanities courses in general
    • Students who excel in reading, writing, critical thinking, and humanities that want to increase their confidence in mathematics
    • Families looking for support with their child’s organization, time management, engagement, and focus
    • Mainland Chinese families who are preparing to apply to American private and independent schools
    • Student athletes who have athletic-related application materials and want to showcase the best of their athletic, academic, and personal interests
    • International families who are relocating to America and need educational planning support


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