The Benefits of Online Tutoring

Online tutoring and one-to-one learning create a perfect scenario of individualized instruction and convenience. While the quality of an online school can vary, an online tutor utilizes all the strengths of digital learning, such as internet-based tools, schedule flexibility, and the ability for teaching and learning to occur anywhere. Of course, there’s much more to being a great online tutor that goes above and beyond what a traditional tutor or classroom teacher can bring to a student. 

Quality of Instruction

A great online tutor builds on the strengths they already possess, such as knowledge of their subject area and excellent instructional skills with the “new” set of tools at their disposal in an online environment. The simple act of sharing a screen with a student during a one-to-one session can transform the learning experience into a process closer to collaborative instruction. Mathematical equations, college essays, homework assignments are easier to discuss because the tutor and student have access to documents and materials at the same time. Techniques and tools such as annotation, digital whiteboards, the internet, and much else can be used quickly and efficiently to enhance learning. 

Easy Connection

All of the digital tools mentioned above manage to break down barriers in the tutoring process. This allows both tutor and student to focus more closely on the goal of each one-to-one session, whether it’s editing an essay, improving test scores, or whatever else a student needs to obtain the success they desire. That easy connection is important because students achieve much more when they feel comfortable in their surroundings and with the person who is instructing them. 


As we’ve alluded to before, a student’s comfort is very important to the tutoring process. That student will learn better if all of their basic needs are met, which is much easier in one-to-one online learning. Of course, it’s not just the student’s comfort level that matters. It’s the entire complicated process of organizing a student’s schedule. Online tutoring and one-to-one learning open up possibilities for flexibility that school schedules never allow. A family doesn’t have to be in the same geographic region to get the tutor who works best with the student. 

The Tools for Success

Online tutoring and one-to-one learning is the next step in the path to true success and learning. While the education system will forever attempt to pull students into its orbit, the discerning family will quickly understand that there is more to learning than just following the paradigm of school as currently presented. Online tutoring will give every student the tools needed for greater success.