“My son started Lyceum tutoring at the end of 3rd grade. My son was always weak in language art. At first, I was a little concerned that our tutor is too advanced for him because he teaches older students. The question I kept thinking to myself was, can he really teach a 9-year-old for a session that is one hour long? At the time, my son gets distracted easily and can not focus for more than 30 minutes. However, after the first session, I found out that not only can my son focus for the entire hour, but they were able to cover vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing. At the beginning of fourth grade, there was a placement test for the enriched language art class in school. My son only had a few tutoring sessions and he was not able to get in due to the fact that he was weak with his reading comprehension skills. It was a very stressful time for us. Immediately, our tutor met with all of his teachers and found out exactly what he was weak on. The list was a summary of key details of stories, inference, and character analysis. Our tutor was able to adjust his tutoring curriculum to gear toward the requirements from school. He found a lot of teaching materials and new techniques to stimulate my son’s thinking process. These lessons really help my son with inference and to think deeper. With the help of our tutor and my son’s teachers, my son was able to get back to enriched level class after 3 months of hard work. Furthermore, our tutor is always very punctual and well prepared for his session. We also like his teaching techniques. Finding the student’s weak points, and coming up with materials to build them up. He also tries to make his students think independently. After each session, I always felt that my son has improved. I asked my son one day to grade all his language teachers since kindergarten from 1 to 5. His Lyceum tutor is the only one who got “5”. We are very happy with the Lyceum tutoring service. We will definitely recommend this service to our friends and family members.”