“My son has a strong math mind, however, has not been consistent in his English, especially writing. We were referred to Lyceum by a friend of ours whose son has benefitted from their tutoring. His tutor is very organized and attentive. He made sure to understand what our goals are and my son’s strengths and weaknesses and examples of my concerns. He assured me that there are methods and strategies in English and writing, just like Math. He has a way to make writing effort so much easier. I remember when my son wrote a poetry analysis and also his school Word of Assembly essay, the first draft was far from satisfactory. His tutor made very easy-to-follow comments. After my son updated the pieces based on those comments, the essays were beautiful. Our tutor always makes sure to communicate with me and hear about my concerns even if it means he has to stay a little over his lesson time. He helped to encourage my son to start to write journals. My son made big improvements in writing, both in school and in his own journal writing. I strongly recommend the Lyceum tutoring service.”