“I initially contacted The Lyceum Institute because my son needed a tutor for English. Within the first few sessions, they were able to identify how to help him in English and so much more. A plan was created to help him improve in this subject, improve in additional classes he was beginning to struggle in due to the crossover of English, develop stronger study skills, and strengthen his overall confidence in school. The results of utilizing The Lyceum Institute have had an overwhelmingly positive impact on my son. His grades have improved in many subjects, he has written some of the best papers in multiple classes, and an intangible would be the confidence I see my son has with regards to his approach in studying and communicating with teachers. We have worked with many tutors over the years, this is the first time we can actively see the improvement in many areas that have carried over beyond a school year for my son. We highly recommend The Lyceum Institute and the services they provide.”