“We thought of English as a “score” in SAT/ACT that is difficult to conquer. We hired Lyceum to further the English preparation of our son for SAT/ACT. Our tutor, Mr. Berger, started off by assessing our son's skills and areas of improvement. At that time, Mr. Berger prepared a detailed assessment of our son’s strengths and the areas he needs to focus on. Mr. Berger has a knack to make English and reading a science and has an excellent proven way to tutor kids to fall in “love” with English. We have learned over time that English is an essential skill to the all-around success of a student and the students have to showcase their passion and inner voice through the language. "Overall, Mr. Berger is a great English tutor who instills confidence and brings out the passion and inner voice of the kids. He has been a great coach and mentor as well to our son. Fast forward, our son has not only done extremely well in SAT/ACT, but he has also fallen in love with English and uses it to express his feelings and inner voice, and opinions on all topics he has to present on. We cannot thank Mr. Berger enough for taking our son through this everlasting journey and would like to highly recommend him for furthering your kid's language and standardized test journey!”