“Despite being a straight-A student, our daughter’s percentile the first time she took the SSAT was 65. We sought out a tutor, and looking back now, it was some of the best money we’ve ever spent! Our daughter gained confidence that she could conquer the SSAT in the very first session and that confidence only grew as the sessions progressed. Shawn treated our daughter respectfully and professionally, but also connected with her as a holistic individual. Six months later, our daughter retook the SSAT and scored in the 91st percentile—a remarkable improvement! Our family highly recommends Shawn as an SSAT tutor because his tutoring didn’t just allow our daughter to get great results on the SSAT, but also broadened her mind and developed a passion in her to excel—and those things spilled over into her school academics. Shawn is a wonderful tutor (the best I’ve ever seen) but he’s more than that—he’s a mentor, a role model, and a friend!”