“We looked for a tutor to optimize preparation for SSAT for maximizing his success and pave the way for a positive experience. Leah Cutler, our tutor, had a structured and personalized approach. This was done via asking questions related to the personal goals of the student, to evaluate the strengths and the areas for improvement. A clear plan was provided. Mrs. Cutler gave homework in an adequate and manageable way and motivated our son to go the extra mile in a very empathic way. We enjoyed her personal interest in our son and her individual and personalized approach. The improvement that we saw between the first and second SSAT attempts was very encouraging. The quality of tutoring, especially the feedback we received on our son’s progress and very professional communication of the next steps, was worth the money and time. Our son learned how to structure his work, approach complex questions and tasks and this helped him also in his day-to-day schoolwork. The impact we saw was not only related to the SSAT. Because the content of SSAT questions is not part of the day-to-day school subjects, it is absolutely necessary to help students getting familiar with them. Lyceum takes its tasks seriously and shows a high level of engagement to help the students and their families.”