Part 1: Stuck in the System 

In almost all its forms, traditional education relies on a “one-size fits all” model. There are many different philosophies, theories, and ideologies around which schools organize their teaching and learning. Regardless of whether or not students and their families are compatible with the organizing principle of their school, they’re stuck with it. 

Here’s a brief history: as American education expanded and democratized, driven by the necessary social good of free public education, schools came to prioritize their “one-size fits all” model over the individual student. Private schools had more freedom to create their own path but fell into a rigid model of their design. Public and private schools have now spent decades pretending that students who don’t fit into the model are a problem, not the education system itself. 

What does this mean? It means that countless students encounter classrooms and teachers that don’t develop their abilities and skills. They are not learning what they need for success. They are learning what and how the system requires them to validate its “one-size fits all” model.  Some of the students in these classes are excelling at all the measurements the system gives them, but know deep down that the A+ on a vocab test they crammed for or on math homework that’s years below their level doesn’t mean they’re smarter. Others struggle in that system because their true strengths and desire for success lie outside the system’s ability. 

Conclusion?—Countless children like yours aren’t maximizing their potential. They’re stuck.

To be continued…