Space, Stars, and Celestial Bodies (Astro)




Who is leading space exploration? What is a sidereal year? When can I see a comet? Where are we in the known universe? Why does a star burn? In this astrophysics crash course, students will learn the answers to these questions as they explore the properties of the last frontier—space. In the beginning of this class, we will start with the basics of how these structures are formed, how their structures pertain to the laws of physics, and what makes them unique. Students will come away from this course with a basic background in these areas that puts them ahead of the curve in a range of school subjects and real life disciplines. Our online science tutors will be unlocking students’ amateur astronomy viewing skills by studying telescopes, how they are used, and even how to use your phone or a basic telescope to achieve great images! 

Career fields: astronomy, research, physics, aeronautical engineering, cosmology, optics

2021 Schedule: 60-90 minute sessions that occur weekly from June 21st to August 16th 

Grades: 9-12