Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, just information that will help us work together to plan your son or daughter’s college admissions path according to what is best for them.


  1. What college programs, degrees, and resources interest you most and why? (Notice that this isn’t asking you to name specific colleges.)
  2. What is the most intellectually challenging experience you’ve had?
  3. Does your transcript have any exceptions, such as exemption from a foreign language, or red flags, such as a low grade in a class? What is the story behind the data on your transcript?
  4. How would your ideal test score help better illustrate the strength of your admissions materials as a whole?
  5. How does the current high school you are applying from affect your college admissions prospects? For example, are you coming from a high school where you’ll be applying to the same colleges as a large chunk of your peers? Will you be applying from a high school where there is little diversity? Is your high school famous for something (e.g. theater)?
  6. As best as you can, describe yourself as the world sees you and as you see yourself. What steps have you taken to become who you are?
  7. Are you satisfied with how your application materials (essays, transcripts, extracurriculars, test scores, interviews, and recommendation letters) will represent you as an individual and student? Why or why not?
  8. Besides grades, extracurriculars, sports, leadership roles, and the other common school experiences, what distinguishes you from other college applicants?
  9. How will you use the admissions process to differentiate yourself and show admissions teams that you are both a strong candidate and a good match for their school?
  10. What about you is worth knowing besides your academic and extracurricular achievements?