Congratulations to Our Students!

The Lyceum Institute is proud to announce that our Secondary School Admissions students were accepted into their choices of the most prestigious secondary schools in the country.


Getting Serious About Admissions

Every year, families arrive to us from all over the independent school application process. After years of providing admissions consulting, one thing is clear: you’re not going to get what you want out of this process unless you take it seriously enough. The independent school application process is more competitive than ever, and applying has never been a short-term activity.


What kind of help do we offer?

1. We help you be goal-oriented and productive early on in the process, when you still have time to curate and position your best application materials.

2. We coach families to write application essays that distinguish them from other applicants.

3. We train students to maximize their performance on the SSAT, which the majority of high schools require.

4. We guide families to focus on the application process as a whole, rather than just individual materials.

5. We provide specific support for athletes, musicians, performers, STEM students, public school students, international students, first generation students,

6. We hold parents and students accountable in the process.