Shawn Berger designed the Mastery of the English Language (MOTEL) Program after a decade of classroom teaching experience in schools that invested more in STEM education than English.

Why The MOTEL Program?

Because it’s the only program to effectively counteract deficient reading, writing, and thinking skills that impede STEM students’ success.


MOTEL presents confusing English concepts as objective formulas and systems that STEM students can easily understand and independently apply. In the end, their confidence in English and STEM is equal.


Lyceum students enrolled in our Mastery of the English Language (MOTEL) Program:

  • Overcome long-term struggles within months and develop reading, writing, and thinking skills for life beyond the classroom.
  • See letter grade improvements in English class within 3 months.
  • Achieve higher SAT scores than non-MOTEL students after enrolling in MOTEL for at least 1 year.
  • Arrive prepared for high school and college expectations of reading, writing, thinking, and communication.

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